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What Do We Already Know?

We are trying to figure out how and when charts and infographics can change behavior. Others have measured and studied how data visualizations and infographics can be effective in other ways.

Visualising Health: Infographics in Public Health. This is a website that provides Infographic Design Guidelines and The Evidence Base: a helpful literature review of infographic research. Maintained by Stones & Gent (2016-Present)

Data Visualization Effectiveness Profile. This is a Perceptual Edge article by Few (2017). This is a website that describes the set of Seeing Data research projects and related papers written by Kennedy, Kirk, Hill, & Allen (2016-2017).

The Persuasive Power of Data Visualization. This is a research article by Pandey, Manivannan, Nov, Satterthwaite, & Bertini (2014).

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